summer camps!

Summer Camp at Old Town Flowers


CANCELLED!--Flower Camp (25-29 June, 2018)

This camp will bring flowers to life through the guidance of an experienced flower farmer! We will explore the life-cycle and morphology of flowers/fruits, find out how bees "see" flowers, discover why flowers are different colors and make some flower art.  Campers will make pressed flowers and plant a mini-flower garden to take home.   This camp runs M-F 9am-1pm, with a field trip on Friday (29 June) to the Idea Garden in Urbana.  

Cost: $225/camper; sibling discount--10% off each additional sibling
Click HERE to pay online. Registration form is HERE.


Plants + Potions Camp (23-27 July, 2018)

Come explore the magical, mysterious and mythical world of plants! Have you ever wondered where the word "dandelion" comes from, how animals know which plants are poisonous or what plants our ancestors used for medicine?  We will look deep into the myths and science of the plant world this week.  Campers will make their own potions and mini-fantasy garden to take home. This camp runs M-F 9am-1pm. 

Cost: $225/camper; sibling discount--10% off each additional sibling
Click HERE to pay online. Registration form is HERE.

Summer Camp General Information

Accepted ages/grades--Campers ages 6-11/or going into grades 1-6 in the fall are welcome!!  

Location and Weather--Both sessions of camp will be held outside at Old Town Flowers.  Have your child dress accordingly for the weather each day, including hat, sunscreen, rain gear/boots, and water bottle as necessary.  If severe weather threatens, we have a safe, indoor space to go.  It is my goal for children to negotiate and explore the outdoors in ALL weather. I feel this gives each child an insight, and perhaps a new appreciation, of:

  • the cycle/wheel of nature and seasons (birth/death, rest/activity, flowering/fruiting).
  • how animals (including US!) adapt to all kinds of weather.
  • how plants adapt to weather, especially to changes in climate.
  • humans can work, live, and play in all kinds of weather.

Bees, chickens, plants and allergies--Since this camp is held out of doors, it is important to keep in mind the possibility of an allergic reaction or insect sting/bite.  I am equipped to handle minor medical emergencies (cuts, scratches, bumps, etc.) but if your child has an severe allergy to any specific plant, or to bees, please indicate the allergy and medication needed in case of reaction on the registration form.  I have kept bees in our backyard for the past 5 years and have never had an incident with bees stinging visitors in that time. Children and parents are welcome to ask questions about our bees and/or chickens prior to registration. 

Lunch/snack--A snack will be provided each day. Food allergies will be taken into consideration. Please provide a lunch for your child each day. I will have coolers to store lunches until it is time to eat.  We will be incorporating flowers and/or herbs from the farm into our snacks as part of the curriculum for each camp.  Lunch is an ideal time to discuss food choices, where our food comes from, food groups, nutrition and how food gives us energy.  I love to teach about healthy eating and nutrition and hope that sharing lunch with your child will nourish their sense of curiosity, appreciation and interest in whole foods. 

Flower Camp Field Trip--On Friday, 29 June, we will hold camp at the Idea Garden.  Drop off and pick up will be near the parking lot to the South of the Idea Garden (not the new parking lot!). If severe weather is possible that day, we will meet at Old Town Flowers as usual.  I will keep parents/guardians updated through email as to the plan that day.  

Instructor Training/Education--The camp instructor, Joan Jach of Old Town Flowers, has many years of teaching experience to draw on, whether in (or out!) of the classroom.  She has a Masters of Arts in Teaching, with a focus on science, for grades 7-12 and was certified in Iowa. She has taught people from kindergarten through college and has taught many community classes at Common Ground Coop to all ages.  While science may be Joan's specialty, she enjoys teaching about gardening, ecosystems, weather, art, and sewing.  Joan loves teaching but she really loves learning from her students and is a dedicated student of life! 


Thank you and I look forward to meeting you and your campers!!