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Quality organic or ethically wild-crafted herbs are extracted into grain alcohol for 4-8 weeks.  Most of the herbs I use are grown right at Old Town Flowers farm space!  I use sustainable, organic and chemical free methods to grow all my flowers and herbs. The herbs solids are strained out and composted, leaving behind the herb properties.  Healing, soothing, or immune-boosting, these tinctures can help your body without the worry for side effects.  Suggested dosage is indicated on each bottle.  Tinctures are usually taken in a small amount of water, tea or juice. 

If you would like any of my tinctures made alcohol-free please let me know! I can infuse herbs into organic apple cider vinegar and/or vegetable glycerin.  These tinctures can safely be used for children and people who are sensitive to alcohol. Creating a tincture from scratch takes a minimum of 4 weeks. 

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