Herbal CSA

The Earth may be sleeping right now and cold, grey skies are the rule. But underground, in our bee colonies, in bear dens, in darkness, the slightest change is happening. That energy will gather and spread as the days get warmer and longer. Before long, we’ll wonder where the cozy, winter hibernating time has gone.


The Seasons here, in the Northern Hemisphere, guide so much of what we do, wear, eat and feel. It is my intention to bring the healing power of herbs into more people’s lives by using the seasons as a guide. My herbal CSA is a community supported agricultural endeavor. Members of my herbal CSA will receive 4 months of herbal products around the time of the Equinoxes and Solstices. The offerings will be tailored to each season and include specially made elixirs, tinctures, soaps, bath salts, and so much more. This is a chance for me to share helpful information about specific herbs. Information about how to use these herbs, how I’ve used them and benefitted from them and their individual stories, as I know them. A CSA also provides the farmer, myself, much needed capital to fund the great Spring Work: planting. All of the supplies are necessary in a short time, including seeds, soil, trays, fertilizer, hand tools, netting, t-posts, etc. The CSA model is a beautiful way to support a farmer while receiving the bounty from their farm at the peak of it’s freshness! Win-win situation.

I’m so excited about this project and will have so much to share with anyone who joins the herbal CSA. It’s been fun to decide what items I’ll include and has definitely sent me into full-blown garden planning mode! You can read more about the herbal CSA and get the nitty gritty HERE.

I hope you’ll join me as the seasons change this year! Thank you for reading,


Joan Jach