Holiday creativity

The holidays are here and I encourage you to take the time to create!

Each year I take the time to create a handmade gift for my family.  It could be a new tradition, like the pocket advent calendar I made for my daughter, or a new recipe, like the peppermint bark I now make every year.  

Taking the time to sit down and create at the holidays can be hard with all of the hustle that also comes along this time of year.  In between shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and that New Year's champagne toast, I challenge you to find time to create!  

Do you need inspiration?  Check out my list below for resources to inspire. Some ideas I have for this year include gingerbread houses, pinecone ornaments, paper garlands, homemade cinnamon rolls, and hand-stitched stockings to hang by the fire.

I'm also hosting a wreath workshop to carve out a specific chunk of time for working with Nature's bounty this time of year.  Making a wreath isn't just an exercise in creativity, it can also be a time for conversation, relaxation and meeting new friends.

Humans are naturally creative!  We just can't help it; we love tinkering, changing, building, gathering, sculpting and otherwise messing around with our surroundings.  

It's what we do.

I'd love to help you find that special time to create and relax this holiday season.  If you can't make it to my wreath workshop, hopefully some of the links below might give you some inspiration!  

Cheers and happy creating,

Holiday inspiration:
>>Magazines Country Living UK ed and Mingle
>>Pinterest is a never-ending source of ideas
>>My old standby, Martha
>>Wool felting from Dani at Good Natured Art 
>>Anything from Amy at Angry Chicken

Joan Jach