Weather, seasons and farmers market

It's Go Time!!

Finally. The temperatures are warmer and the Earth is starting to really wake up! Some folks may think that talking about the weather is small talk, that it doesn't really mean anything. But to farmers, the weather is do or die, it's a crucial part of their short and long term plans. I'll be writing about weather, climate and weather related stories on a regular basis here. If you have a weather/climate related question, shoot me an email!  Now, back to this thing called Spring. It was bound to happen, despite the bleak beginning to April and all of the cool temps and cloudy skies.  The Earth can't help but warm up at this time of year!  When I taught meteorology I would give my students a pre-test that included the question "Why do we have seasons?". The answers usually included the following: 1) I have no idea. 2)In summer the Earth is closest to the Sun and in winter the Earth is farther from the Sun. 3) Because of the tilt of Earth's axis. Do you know the answer? In the next newsletter I'll write about this more but I encourage you to take note about where the Sun rises and sets. Choose a stationary landmark (a tree, your neighbors satellite dish, etc.) and make a mental note of the Sun's rise/set as compared to that landmark.  Over a week or two, you will see a change.  This change is related to the seasons!! 

Farmers Market

This will be my 4th year at the Champaign Farmers Market in downtown Champaign.  I'm so excited to see all of the other farmers and vendors again after a long winter! I've participated in a farmers market since 2010 and have learn a lot over the years (always bring snacks).  The best thing about doing a regular market is talking about gardening, flowers, food, bees and life with my customers! This year Market starts on Tuesday 15 May, 3:30-6:30pm next week!! See you there! 
For more information see the market home page HERE.

Upcoming events

Flower Watercolor Class--at Hopscotch Bakery--Friday June 1, 5:30-7:30--This is going to be a fun class with farm fresh flowers for inspiration! $30 All supplies included and you get to take home a finished painting. More information and registration HERE.

Kids Summer Camps at Old Town Flowers--Outdoor camps that will inspire any child's imagination!  Information on the Flower Camp and the Plants + Potions Camp HERE.

If you have an event you'd like me to list, let me know!

Joan Jach