As a trained geologist, I've been working with the Earth in one way or another for 20 years.  Dirt, soil, clay, loam, compost...it all comes back to me being in the garden growing STUFF.  I wandered into the world of flower farming 5 years ago and my veggie plots have gradually morphed into blocks of blooming flowers.  

A locally grown flower is just better.  It smells better, is fresher, and has travelled less miles than the grocery store flower.  My flowers are grown without chemicals.  This means you can touch, smell, and wear my flowers without worry.  This also means the insects, animals and people who live and work in my garden can do so without worry. It's a win-win situation!

Old Town Flowers is tucked into the old town neighborhood in Champaign. As owner/operator, I've ben sustainably growing flowers for the past 3 years and love supplying the C-U community with fresh flowers during the growing season. I do wedding and special occasion designs in addition to selling at local farmers markets, area restaurants and the Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana.  During the winter I am busy using herbs and beeswax from my farm to hand craft body care products and herbal remedies for the whole family.  

Thanks for visiting my page! With love,